In the middle of Kansas, framed by large cornfields; a beat-up gray car fire down a dusty prairie road. The gas pedal was on the floor. Hot on its tail is a police cruiser, its blue and red lights flashing as its siren wailing.

“Shoot dammit! SHOOT!” Mick yelled from…

In a small suburban town, somewhere that you might even recognize, there is a quiet, two story house made of bricks sitting behind a wide green lawn. The front of the house is a large triangle possessing a single window. …

(Now an audio story on under the alternative title “Chronicles of Urrgghh.”)


“I think that’s the last of them,” the large man said.

Beaten to a putrid mush; the dead had finally stopped moving. The man stood tall with a bushy red beard in a wool hat and…

(This may be my most nonsensical story yet. You’ve been warned.)

Somewhere far away, in a large crooked shack in the heart of a dark forest, there lived a Wizard and his two assistants. …

(Now published on

He knew he was dead the moment he saw her.

His name was Mark Thompson, a Professor of Literature at Brubaker University, Rhode Island. Charming and good at his job, Mark was well-liked by students and admired by colleagues. At almost forty years old, he worked…

Pat O’Malley

Writer of weird fiction and dark absurdism.

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